Web page design and Maintenance

The Internet is a powerful tool for a business. More people can be reached by using the technology than by regular advertising. An Internet presence is becoming an accepted norm among many people, with the numbers growing daily.

Perrin Creek Design is dedicated to assisting small companies obtaining a quality presence on the internet. I will work with you to design a web site tailored to the needs of your company.

My philosophy is dedicated to providing a quality product and educating my clients to the assets of using the internet. The Internet is not just for static advertising, it requires a commitment to quality, useful information and an appreciation to what the public is expecting when they access your company web site.

Web Management

Web sites need to appear up to date and refreshed with content. This can be a time consuming process that I can offer for reasonable rates. A site to be successful must mature and grow constantly. I will work with you on a personal basis to provide you with the expertise and skill needed to make your site worth your investment.

Business Web Manual
– Information to help you become more “BUSINESS SAVVY” with the use of the Internet.


This service is offered to small businesses and individuals who are considering developing a presence on the web. Also for those already on the web who need technical help with presentation of media and other technical information.

Macintosh Technical Support

Perrin Creek Design will provide Technical Support to signed up members. For a nominal fee, I will be available via email to help you out of your difficulties and to help keep your Mac happy.

For more information and sign-up

Many problems are caused by software conflicts and can be solved easily. Other problems require a trip to an Apple Certified Technician. Many times I can save that expensive trip with a simple maintenance procedure.

Because of the wide variety of possible requests, prices for services are determined individually. I will develop a proposal after receiving a request, putting in writing detailed information, prices and any pertinent information needed to make a decision to use my services.

As an EXTRA, I plan to feature special artists and authors whose works can be purchased.