In the spring of 1996, Perrin Creek Design began aboard a 30 ft. sailboat, berthed on the Perrin Creek in Gloucester, Virginia – USA.

The Perrin is a small body of water off the York River, which is off the Chesapeake Bay. It is practically within spitting distance to the famous Yorktown. Many of us sailed frequently below the clifs of Yorktown as did the early French, British, Spanish and American ships of history. Map

The Perrin Creek is located in an area referred to as “Guinea” and is the home of a group of watermen referred to as “Guinea-men”. There are several legends explaining the term, the most well known is the fact that during the revolutionary war, a group of people loyal to the crown lived in the area and showed a “guinea” coin to prove their loyalty to the crown when approached by the British ships that ventured into the area.

I had started learning about designing web pages and realized the opportunity to make extra money. The company started very small. A Macintosh 8100/100 with a 15 inch monitor (not much room on the boat for anything bigger) and a Hewlet Packard printer.

As the need for books, business supplies and computer supplies (disks and software, etc.) the demands on the existing space aboard the boat became scarce. Even though everything was tied securely it was always a worry during sailing trips and severe storms.

When hurricanes approached, most of my valuable belongings; keyboard, TV, ham gear, and computer equipment had to be moved off in case the boat sunk in the slip. My insurance would not cover the replacement of all my electronics.

Eventually, my 17 years of living aboard had to come to an end with the advent of my preoccupation with the computer.

“Perrin Creek” was chosen as the company name because of my 17 year love of the area I lived and sailed, and for the want of anything more creative.